Read an #Excerpt from Blood Trail (Undercover #3) by Ruchi Singh - #RomanticSuspense @ruchiwriter

Trisha is mortified as a stranger flirts with her at a society party. The very fact that he singles her out, and she gives in to her pent-up desires and attraction towards the handsome stranger, lands her in a soup so deadly that it brings danger and death to her doorstep.
Coming out of a brutal undercover assignment, busting the spine of a major illegal drug cartel, Armaan is looking for some peace and quiet. Instead his path coincides with Trisha Mehra. Sparks fly. As do bullets too.
By sheer coincidence, when they meet again, they have an accident. Again!
And IB agent Major Armaan Joshi does not believe in coincidences.

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Read an Excerpt from Blood Trail

Trisha found herself walking out of the hall and to the pool again. As ex-pected, no one was around. A bit disappointed, she stared at the shimmering water again. What had she hoped for? She didn’t know. Or maybe she knew. She wanted to meet him again. She looked through the glass wall inside the hall but she couldn’t spot him inside either. A little disheartened, she turned toward the exit from the gardens and stopped short. 

“Still waiting for a hero?” he asked, hands in his pockets, leaning on the wall near the door to the hall, a little smug in his skin. With that faint smile bordering on arrogance, he looked devastatingly good. To her. Wicked good. Control your-self, the voice of sanity muttered somewhere in her mind.

Trisha had to admit he had had an upper hand in the conversation so far. She had to make amends. “I’m not in dire straits or a damsel in distress. A hero would be wasted with me.”

“Heroes can help beat boredom too.” He grinned.

He had such a killer smile. Gosh! The left incisor and the tooth beside it were slightly crooked, and a dimple peeked on his right cheek. She had an unscrupu-lous desire to run her fingers through his thick brown hair, instead she curled them on her clutch and said, “I’m not bored.”

“Liar,” he breathed softly as his eyes crinkled on the edges.

Something tugged at the beats inside her heart. She wanted the conversation to continue. “How?” she asked, flicking back to his question on boredom earlier.  

“By dancing to the right tune.” He smiled as he spoke, and held out his hand toward her, totally in tune with her thoughts.

“Here?” The tug was harder this time. Her heart tingled and stomach tight-ened. She felt a faint flush rising on the side of her neck, as she glanced at him then at his hand. Not a good idea, the voice of sanity warned. 

“Why not?” He smiled as the band drummed in regular fast beats, signaling the start of a new song.
 She exhaled and placed her hand in his. He pulled her into his arms, a little too close for comfort, but his hard strength, head to toe, warmed her to the core.

The warm twinkling lights threw sieved shadows on them transporting them into a utopian world, where only the two of them breathed and existed. She didn’t know if he too felt the same, but his mood seemed to blend well with her quixotic self. When the heat between them became too much, she focused her at-tention on something behind him. Impulsive, insane, the voice of sanity blurted, but Trisha was past caring. This was for her. Only for her. 

“Are you attached to that man back there? Or, for that matter to anyone?”

She shook her head and closed her eyes, as the magic of the moment engulfed her.

“I’m Armaan,” he said when the song finished and another began. 

She raised her eyes to his dreamy ones. Armaan. Desire. His name too had an exotic lilt to it. But she didn’t want any personal association to this night. “Are introductions really necessary?” she asked.

A brow went up. “No, not at all,” he said.

Author of the bestsellers ‘The Bodyguard’ and ‘Bewitched’, Ruchi Singh is an IT professional and novelist, writing stories under Romance and Suspense genre. She is a bilingual author and writes in both Hindi and English. 

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