Love, Truth, and Taking Chances


(The Kapoor Brothers #2)

Publication Date: 4th August 2020
Language: ‎English
No. of Pages: ‎229 pages

Losing his wife to breast cancer has left Arjun Kapoor a broken man. He vows to never risk his heart again. Until the day Vihana Luthra turns up on his doorstep. Vivacious, optimistic and bursting with life, she believes in taking each day as it comes. Unwilling to love but unable to resist the force of nature that is Vihana, Arjun finds himself drawn into the manic chaos that is her life. And he starts to believe again; in hope, in dreams, in love...
But Vihana has a with devastating consequences. Will they be able to survive it or will it tear them apart?

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