#NewRelease - Forever Yours - A Novel in Three Parts, Collaboration with @andaleebwajid @alishakayauthor


A fake engagement has gotten disturbingly real…

When a pretend engagement ends in a very real combined bachelor/bachelorette weekend in Goa, three couples find their lives going from chaotic to disastrous…

Hatefully Yours by Alisha Kay is the quintessential enemies to lovers story with a very interesting twist.
Aditi and Manan hate each other but love their mutual best friend, Karthik. Planning his bachelor party is a trip to hell sprinkled with accidental kisses that taste of heaven. Past misunderstandings, present attraction, and a future built on hope all tangles together to make this weekend one to remember.

Sinfully Yours by Shilpa Suraj is the story of a one night stand turning into nights that they hope never end.
Sidharth is Bollywood’s biggest hit-turned-overnight-flop. His best friend Sanjana’s bachelorette in Goa is the perfect place for him to hide out and drink his sorrows away. Until he passes out in the arms of the extremely hot pixie who moonlights as a bartender in a shack in Goa. And Dani is left with an armful of drunk movie star who is as messed up as he is hot.

Deceitfully Yours by Andaleeb Wajid is the story of what happens when a fake relationship starts to feel very, very real.
Sanjana and Karthik just wanted their parents to stop talking marriage to them. So, they faked an engagement and now their parents are not talking marriage but planning a wedding instead. When their friends throw them a combined bachelor and bachelorette party, they use the opportunity to plan their breakup. Except behind all well laid plans lies the path to disaster.
Three love stories, three oddball couples, one epic weekend in Goa…
Will they find their heart’s twisted path or focus on the brain’s straight-but-boring one? Will they gamble on their happily-ever-after or choose to leave Goa as they came, single and not ready to mingle?

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Short Excerpt from Hatefully Yours by Alisha Kay

She was going to kill Karthik. He could at least have warned her that he had invited Manan to join them.
It was high time Karthik pulled his head out of his ass and accepted that he couldn’t make his best friends like each other by forcing them to spend time together.
Aditi sighed at the thought of yet another uncomfortable encounter where she tiptoed around Manan, while he scowled at her as if she was a mass murderer. She was so done with this crap. She’d catch up with Karthik some other time when this big galoot wasn’t around.
She stood up and tried to walk past Manan with her head held high. Only to be brought up short by the strange sound coming from his mouth.
She froze in fury and turned towards him slowly.
“Excuse me? Did you… did you just cluck at me?”
The corner of Manan’s mouth turned up lazily as he nodded.
“Like a chicken?” she clarified.
“Uh-huh. If the shoe fits,” he said with a shrug.
“What shoe?”
“You’re running away. Like a scared chicken,” he explained helpfully.
Aditi wanted to slam her purse into his smug face, but she remembered, just in time, that she did not believe in violence as a solution to any problem.”

Short Excerpt from Sinfully Yours

She laughed, a bright sound in the dark night and Sid couldn’t stop himself anymore. He wanted to soak in the joy, the sheer light that beamed out of her. He leaned in close, closer than he should have but other than a slight widening of her eyes, Dani didn’t move. She just kept watching him, a small smile on those soft, lush lips. 

“May I?” he whispered. 

She nodded, her eyes gently closing in anticipation. 

And Sid kissed her. Her lips met his in acceptance, in warmth, in sensation that drowned them both. He sank into the kiss, his arms going around her as she burrowed into him, one hand clutching his hair and pulling him closer. 

He responded in kind until it felt like they were impossibly close, no space between them. Nothing in all his years of gadding about like a wandering tomcat had prepared him for this. For her. 

And then a wave crashed over them, wetting them and bringing them out of their dreamlike haze. 

Sid started to laugh even as he pulled a spluttering Dani to her feet. She leaned in close to him, shaking her wet hair like a little puppy. Droplets hit his face and his smile faded. One finger trailing her cheek, he captured her lips again. 

Bliss. This was bliss. 

Short Excerpt from Deceitfully Yours by Andaleeb Wajid

‘You’re scared of butterflies?’ he asked in a low voice that sent her pulse racing.
She nodded. The moment was intact. He continued to explore her skin lightly, making her hunger for more. 
‘I’m terrified of them,’ she whispered. 
‘How odd,’ he whispered back. 
She wanted to tell him it wasn’t odd at all and that butterflies were just prettily coloured furry large insects that flew about and more people should be terrified of them. But she lost her train of thought as he gripped the back of her head gently and pulled her down.
Their lips were just a few breaths away from each other when he whispered. 
‘Butterflies are beautiful. Like you.’
She wondered if he could feel her stomach flip at his words.
‘They’re scary,’ she said. ‘But I can be scary if I want to.’
He smiled at her words and then his hand pressed her head closer and their lips touched.