Princess & Prejudice (Devgarh Royals #2) by Alisha Kay - #Contemporary #Romance #Humour @alishakayauthor


It is a funny, passionate, second chance Indian romance by the winner of the Amazon KDP Pen to Publish Contest 2020.

A not-so-fairy-tale romance!

They say opposites attract, but when Yuvarajkumari Jayshree Singh, Princess of Devgarh, and Dr Aryan Sharma meet, it’s more like opposites combust.
He thinks she is a bratty and entitled princess, while she thinks he is an uptight pain-in-the-ass, who needs to have the stick surgically removed from his rather delectable posterior.
When Aryan’s sister gets engaged to Jessie’s brother, they are forced to declare a reluctant ceasefire.
But the hostilities don't cease. Instead, they erupt in an unexpected and unlikely gush of desire and longing.
With their families set to merge, Aryan and Jessie need to decide if his prejudice and her pride can be set aside long enough for the love they feel to blossom. Or will they spend eternity wondering if they'd missed their chance at happiness?

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Read an excerpt from Princess & Prejudice

Ma had planned an intimate dinner with the team, but I convinced her to expand her guest list considerably, and move the event from the dining room to the ballroom. With thirty other people around us, I could stay away from the golden couple of Devgarh General Hospital. Or so I thought.
Arshia kept seeking me out as if I was her new best friend, and Aryan kept staring at us nervously as if he was worried about what I might do to his precious, until he was called out for an emergency just before dinner was served. 
I was on my best behaviour, and even when she called me ‘sweetie’ and ‘darling’, I just smiled through gritted teeth and refrained from stabbing her with my fork.
I finally made my escape when she got cornered by one of the richest patrons of the Foundation and found an empty table close to a French window that led onto the courtyard. I was supposed to be on a low-cal diet, but Arshia’s jabs about how I looked so nice with a few extra pounds on me drove me to the buffet, where I piled my plate high with chicken chilly and noodles.
I had a pounding headache and when I settled down to eat, I found that I couldn’t eat anything. I was staring at my plate glumly, when Zombie sidled up to me, looking at my plate hopefully. He was on a diet, too, but I couldn’t bear to deny him when he gave me those starving puppy eyes.
I tossed him a piece of chicken and wondered if I should just tip the plate over the side of the table. Just then, Arshia came over and plonked her ass down on the chair next to mine.
“Finally,” she groaned, taking off her spike heels and rubbing her feet.
I smiled politely and picked up my phone.
Any idiot could have taken the hint, but Arshia was clearly on a mission to make me miserable.
“I don’t know why I torture myself with these horrible heels,” she whined, looking pointedly at my flat juttis.
I merely smiled and went back to reading my messages.
“Oh wait! I know why. It’s because Aryan loves how they make my legs look,” she giggled.
The smile froze on my face. Please God, no! I didn’t want to listen to this. But it looked as if I had no choice. Arshia was watching me like a hawk to see my reaction, and I refused to show her how much it hurt to hear these intimate details of their relationship.
“Great,” I said, with a polite smile.
“I guess I can tell you our secret because you’re close to his sister.”
She took a deep breath and made a show of looking around to see if anyone else was listening, and then leaned forward.
“We’re taking it to the next step,” she whispered.
My heart clenched, and I swallowed nervously. Surely she didn’t mean…
“His mother has invited my parents over for dinner this weekend. And they are planning to fix the date. For our wedding,” she said, faux-coyly.
A cold sweat broke out all over my body at the thought of Aryan marrying someone. Someone other than me, that is. But I had known that this day would arrive at some point. And there was no chance in hell of him ever marrying me. So I didn’t know why I was so miserable. I just was. Arshia stared at me calculatingly, and I tried to summon a polite smile.
Just then, Zombie moved away from me, and the table cloth in front of Arshia rose as he poked his head out from under the table to stare at her. She took one horrified look at his big teeth and yellow eyes and shrieked as if she had seen the devil. And then, she ran. Zombie gave chase and I ran after them to pull him back. And Aryan returned just in time to see his girlfriend go flying into the fountain.
The rest was history.

About the Author:
Alisha Kay writes funny, exciting and steamy stories, with spunky heroines who can rescue themselves, and hot, woke heroes who find such independence irresistible.
The first book in The Devgarh Royals series, The Maharaja’s Fake Fiancée, won the grand prize at the Amazon KDP Pen to Publish Contest 2020.

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