Il Cuore: A Christmas Novella


Publication Date: 21 December 2023
Language: ‎English
No. of Pages: ‎

Kanak Thakkar has decided this Christmas is going to be the best one ever, and Santa help anyone who gets in her way!

From gigantic Christmas trees to life size Santas, reindeers and elves, to enough decorations to cover a small city, she’s turned Il Cuore into Santa’s little village itself. And still, it doesn’t seem to be enough. She is determined to give her a child a memory to cherish forever…never mind that said child is still inside her womb and not due to enter the world for another two weeks.

Summoned to Il Cuore for a magical Christmas, the gang gathers for an epic reunion. What follows is a madcap caper of hijinks, parental fails, communication mishaps, and couple wars that have even Masha running for cover.

Armed with her exquisitely detailed spreadsheets and her armloads of planners, Kanak will leave nothing to chance. This WILL be the best Christmas ever…

Except the Thakkar Heir has other plans…

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