Insta Reddy

What happens when an Instagrammer and an IIT student fall in love?
Sparks fly, insults are traded, and some very interesting content is generated!

Vasudha Reddy aka Insta Reddy has some interesting collaborations lined up. She can’t wait to get started, until she gets stuck with Avyukt Davuluri as a chaperone!

On the other hand, the last thing Avyukt wants to do on his break from college is play cameraman to family friend and local social media diva, Vasu. But when your family patriarch growls an order, you have no choice but to do as he says.

And yet, there is magic afloat when opposites collide and online branding is waylaid by offline chemistry. Insta Reddy is a sweet, hilarious, coming-of-age love story between two people who have nothing in common but a shared passion and an irresistible attraction for each other.