Publication Date: 26 August 2023
Language: ‎English
No. of Pages: ‎231 pages

All Nisha Gaikwad wants is to be left alone…

Betrayed by her husband, the only man she’s ever loved, Nisha didn’t just love and lose…she shattered. And all she’s left with are the shards of her broken life. A sparrow with a broken wing. Dull, drab, damaged…

Still adjusting to civilian life, ex-Lieutenant Paul Alvares wants very little from life. A stable job, good times with his friends and, above all, escape from his overbearing mother’s matchmaking schemes.

Wracked with guilt over the inadvertent role they played in Nisha’s betrayal, Paul and his friend Rahul, offer her a job at their fledgling security firm. Only to discover that the so-called helpless housewife has a talent for espionage and a bloodthirsty, out-of-the-box, approach to vengeance.

They discover that even a wounded sparrow can fly.

Between celebrity weddings, political vendettas, and corporate scams, Nisha and Paul discover that there is more to each other than just good times and behind-the-security-scenes. But can Nisha ever forgive Paul for his role in her ex-husband’s crime? Can Paul ever forgive himself for wanting his friend’s wife for his own? When desire ignites on the foundation of friendship, Nisha and Paul are left with only one decision to make – Will they choose a future together or the debris of their past?

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