Once Upon a Regret


(Il Cuore #3)

Publication Date: 17 November 2022
Language: ‎English
No. of Pages: ‎232 pages

First, they were friends, then they were lovers, and then one day… they were each other’s last hope.

Ved Kashyap had spent his life making good choices; the right choices. And then he met Aayushi Thakkar and realised that when it came to her, he had no choice at all. She burst into his life like a fireworks display at Diwali and managed to singe him like one too.
Aayushi Thakkar was the forgotten child, the invisible one, the one who didn’t make any waves but drifted along trying to keep the calm in the ocean of her life. Sandwiched between a responsible heir and an irresponsible brat, she’d grown up trying to be the balance between her brothers.
And then she met Ved and she forgot why balance was needed. Death, grief, misunderstanding, and ego all collide to bring that cloak of invisibility back in Aayushi’s life. Tired of others making decisions for her, she makes one of her own. A catastrophic one…
And now, they all have to live with its repercussions…
Will working together on their dream project help Ved and Aayushi find their way back to each other? Or is this ‘good choice’ going to explode their lives again?